Hey there ✌🏼


After going back and forth with the idea of starting a blog, IM FINALLY DOING IT! I want to share things with you that I have figured out over the past 7 years of being quadriplegic. JEEZ that’s a long time. Anywaysss.. Maybe not all of you can completely relate to my situation, but I’m hoping to help in any way that I can!

      Throughout life you learn many different lessons. You go back and forth between “Why me?” & “I guess this is karma.” (At least I know I do anyway) The truth is, whether you believe you deserved things that have happened to you or not, all that matters is how you are handling it! Every person on this earth is so different, but I believe we can all relate to each other in some way or at least learn something from one another. My plan is to just share my life with all of you with the hope that maybe others can see we’re all human & I’m not my disability, I’m just Emmie (: A 23 year old girl from Tennessee who loves her family & friends, animals, and sunshine! (Oh, & pickles too)
       I chose “Eye for Optimism” because I was involved in a car accident on July 6th of 2011, when I was 16, that left me quadriplegic. I’m not gonna lie, I was depressed for years… but one day I woke up and realized I was starting to become myself again. There have been so many highs and lows over the years, but if we don’t have hope for a better future what is the point in trying to live our best lives? Follow me on this journey of figuring everything out by trying new things, & probably embarrassing myself a little here and there(: This blog is completely dedicated to making the best of every siqtuation and sharing it with you all!
         Thank you for the love & support