Just a Bump in the Road

Since the beginning of my injury one of the hardest things to maintain has been my bladder health. I started out using catheters every 4-6 hours, but because of that causing frequent urinary tract infections and because of how inconvenient it was, I decided to get a suprapubic catheter. (I told myself in the very beginning I would never get one because I didn’t like the way it looks and it has been something that I try to hide from everyone). It is HUGE for me to even be telling anyone about it. So there it is.. This kind of catheter is surgically put in right above your pubic bone. I now only have to change it every 6-8 weeks! Even though it has drastically improved my freedom by not having to be home every 4 hours, unfortunately with having a foreign object in my bladder I still suffer from frequent UTIs. Urinary tract infections cause me to constantly be tired, have headaches, and worsen my muscle spasms. For the past 6 years I’ve been taking a maintenance antibiotic called macrobid. I was taking one every day which was eventually changed to two a day. Recently I believe that I’ve started to build up an immunity to it because it hasn’t been working like it should. I decided to go see a urologist and my antibiotic was switched from macrobid to Bactrim. I started taking it twice a day every day. On the 12th morning I woke up feeling itchy all over my head and face. I didn’t think much of it so I took my medicine and continued my morning routine. About 15 minutes later I was covered in welts and rashes from my arms and back to the bottom of my feet and my ears were so swollen that I looked like dumbo. I immediately took two Benadryl! It turns out that 3% of people develop an allergy to sulfa based drugs. I’m telling you if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck! The Bactrim was finally working on my bladder and I start to look like Hitch (If you haven’t seen that movie I highly recommend it). Anyways, the swelling spread from my arm to my ears, then to my left eye and my lips. Unfortunately I didn’t figure out I was allergic to the antibiotic until after I had just taken it so I had to try fighting it off with several Benadryl. I laid down for a while and it finally started giving me some relief so I continued taking Benadryl every 4 hours.

I woke up this morning feeling much better! No swelling and only a few welts left on the back of my legs. I took all of my medicine EXCEPT BACTRIM and continued my morning routine. About 15 minutes later, here we go again! I’m so itchy I could claw my skin off and the welps are coming back. I took two more Benadryl and decided to go to the emergency room. Turns out the antibiotic is still in my system because I was taking it for 11 days before my body decided to tell me I’m allergic to it. They gave me some steroids in an IV and sent me home with a steroid prescription just Incase I breakout again. So if you see me looking ripped here soon don’t be alarmed 💪🏻

The battle with my bladder over the past almost eight years has not been easy to say the least. It really sucks that I found something that was working and I have to stop taking it. I’m so ready to figure something out so if anyone has any tips on UTI care please let me know. I know there’s not much I can do, but I’m willing to try anything.

Before my accident I had never broke a bone, had an allergy, or been to the hospital for anything. It was a very scary experience if I’m being honest. I don’t like the feeling of something taking over my body without knowing what it could affect next. I have to say though, it kind of felt good to have something happen that could be fixed. Something that’s pretty common. Something several people can relate to.

I’m telling you, this life will test you in every way possible. I know I can handle it though because the hits just keep on coming and I always end up just fine (:


6 thoughts on “Just a Bump in the Road

  1. Oh no Emmie, I am so sorry to hear that! Allergic reactions are no fun. Maybe they can find another antibiotic you can take. Sometimes it seems like one step forward and 2 steps back for sure, I feel your pain right now. Hang in there Emmie!

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  2. Emmie, I don’t think a lot of people are aware of the many challenges that those who are in a wheelchair face. I sure didn’t realize how complicated it can be. My eyes have been opened. I do know this: You are inspirational not only for others who are going through the same thing but for everyone else. We take so much for granted in life, and just being healthy is a huge blessing. Having gone through these things, you have compassion and awareness that many people would have no clue about and I don’t know many people who would be as strong in character as you! You keep demonstrating what we all should strive to be in times of adversity.

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