Rose Golden 2019

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth with different ideas of things I would like to do for myself. Things from changing my appearance to accomplishing goals. In recent blog posts I’ve mentioned how I tend to talk myself out of doing things before I even give it a try. This year.. NO MORE! I plan to take it one step at a time & start checking off my list. Little by little I’ll become a better and happier me. I’m not going to list my plans for this year, but I will be keeping everyone updated along the way!


I have been back and forth between wanting to dye my hair light pink or lavender for SO LONG ! I’ve always loved colored hair so I started putting colors in my hair in the 7th grade! (I was immediately sent home for half of my head being hot pink) BUT I loved it so that’s all that matters right 🤷🏼‍♀️. After that I waited until high school, because it was allowed.. I went from purple streaks to blue streaks, to red, to pink. Switching from color to color involved a lot of time sitting in the sink in my bathroom being as careful as I could not to stain anything. Never was I disappointed in how it turned out though (: 10 years later I’m still adding colors to my hair. Only difference is it involves a salon instead of an old T-shirt, sitting in the sink with gloves on, and hiding from my dad.


One thing down, many more to go!

⭐️ my tip to you : don’t wait as long as me to do what you want! Especially if it will make you feel good about yourself ⭐️

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