No Pain, No Gain

I’ve had mixed emotions towards physical therapy over the years because before my accident, I had always worked out on my own. To me it has just been something else to add to my list of things I need help with. It’s hard to explain because it’s not that I didn’t like doing it, I’m just too hard headed to realize that’s the way I have to do it now. But today I decided to go workout with a friend (: My arms and shoulders are going to hate me for it, I can already tell, but it felt really good!

We went to a place called Hotworx, so when I heard ‘sauna’ I was already sold on the idea of going. Everyone there was so nice! They helped me up the step into the sauna room and even offered to help me out of my wheelchair if I decided I wanted to lay on a mat.

The room was set to 125 degrees (I could’ve stayed in there all day) it was hot! Just moving my arms around is a workout, but to add weight I use wrist weights. Since I don’t have finger function they are really easy to strap on to my wrists and do different arm exercises. *QUAD TIP*

After being in the sauna for about 30 minutes we got out so Megan could ride the bike for a little bit. The plan was just to wait on her until she got done and then we would leave. While I was waiting, a man came up to me and asked if I wanted to do some exercises. Of course I hesitated because I don’t know how people are going to react once I tell them what I can’t do. (It’s a little more complicated in my situation) BUT He said we can figure it out & we definitely did! It feels really good when people act like a disability isn’t anything that should hold you back. So after my workout he offered to keep helping me and said he would meet me there as much as he could (:

After leaving Hotworx, we headed over to Nutrition Lounge to get the protein shakes Megan is obsessed with (I guess you could say she’s a pretty good influence) I went full on health today. We took aloe shots 🤘🏼 and ordered our shakes, then a man from Hotworx paid for our order!! Everyone we came across today was so nice! It’s pretty motivating to be around such positive people. Today was a good day. I might be miserable tomorrow, but no pain no gain I guess.


To watch the video from today, click on the link 💜



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