The Power of Positivity

Over the years I have prayed for the right people to come into my life. I’ve had too many experiences with people bailing on me and things not working out like I had hoped they would. I can’t explain how good it feels to see my prayers being answered. The past week has brought so many great people into my life. All because I decided to put out there that I needed help, it lead to a friend taking me to workout. All because I decided to let someone help me workout, I gained another friend and workout buddy. Which lead to many people reaching out to support and encourage me !

Today I was able to meet and hangout with someone who has been so kind and supportive of me (in the picture). We’ve talked through social media ever since Jaclyn found my blog. We went to meet a guy named Ben to tour ‘The Yard’ in Arlington, TN (Opening in March). The owner, Ricky, had reached out to me after seeing my workout video on YouTube to say that he wanted to help in any way that he could. This place is HUGE and has so much to offer for any kind of workout! But what made this place so special to me is how much they cared about making me and anyone else with a disability feel comfortable there. This place is truly going to be for anyone and everyone!

I’m so excited for the future and to be around such great people. If you take anything from this story, let it be that taking one positive step in your life can allow so many great things to come your way. If you’re anything like me it just takes getting out of your comfort zone a little bit (:

One thought on “The Power of Positivity

  1. So proud of you. My 3 year old has disabilities and I am preparing myself for the future and how to motivate him through life. Mindset is everything and you are proof of that. Thanks for the inspiration and positivity.


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